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  • ===== WELCOME TO GOTEI13 =====
  • ~^v Bleach - 13 Squads v^~

    Welcome to Bleach 13 Squads, a clan that recruits 60 or higher. Formed and based upon the television show bleach. The clan does not require you to watch or have watched the show, however a knowledge on it would make your time in the clan more enjoyable. We are an active fun clan that does many activities as a clan.


    -Clan Founder: l Shinji l

    -Leaders: Calvin821, l Shinji l

    -Clan home world: 89

    -Member count: 62 active 68 total

    -Clan meeting: When needed

    -Clan chat: Bleach13sqds

    -Time zone: U.S. Eastern


    -War status: Blue

    -War Records


    Squad 1: Smitzgee
    Squad 2: Cpturahara
    Squad 3: Lee 75
    Squad 4:
    Squad 5:q Aizen p
    Squad 6: Capt Rukia
    Squad 7:
    Squad 8: Uyourakusqd8
    Squad 9: Deathwish23
    Squad 10:
    Squad 11: Calvin821
    Squad 12: DarkLight
    Squad 13: Glory rush3

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